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Hair Extensions
  • Hair extensions are one of the hottest fashion accessory trends today- making it easier than ever to look your glamorous best in just a few hours. Extensions offer instant beautiful length, texture color change, highlights, and thickness; giving you a glamorous transformation that lasts.

  • We only use the most comprehensive line of top hair extensions available today. I can help you select the right type of hair extensions to best meet your desires. All our extensions are 100% human Reme hair; we have numerous colors and textures to match your hair and offer the best beautiful effect.

  • Hair consultations are offered FREE, and recommended to decide if our service is right for you, and answer any questions you may have. During the consultation, I examine your hair to determine the right color, type and amount of extensions needed to achieve the desired look. I also discuss how to care for your extensions, so you have a clear vision of what you can expect. 

  • Hair extensions can be attached in various ways: I specialize in Shrink links, Tape in's, fusion and micro links. During the consultation, all this will be discussed to determine the best option that is right for you.  The amount of time it takes to apply your hair extensions will depend on what type of extensions you choose, and in general can take from 2-4 hours to apply. 

Hair Color

        I can customize your color as well as your extensions. From Balayage, natural looking gray coverage, metallics and more, I will help you find the perfect color for you.



  • Keratin treatments are a straightening treatment and are among the most desired procedures that offer great results. after having the treatment on your hair for only an hour, as opposed to the old procedures, which required three days! Keratin treatments are a method of temporarily straightening hair by applying a liquid keratin and aldehyde solution and sealing it with a flat iron. This type of treatment acts as a long-term "blow dry" for hair that lasts about three months. It is designed for people who have curly or frizzy hair but would like a straighter appearance.


Hair Coloring Salon
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