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Methods Used

There are various ways to apply hair extensions. Extensions are attached to your hair -- yanking, tugging and brushing too hard or leaving extensions in too long runs the risk of damaging your hair no matter what method you decide to choose. Damage doesn't occur where an attachment or bond was placed... It always occurs at the scalp. Extensions placed to close to the scalp will cause damage. I have experienced many women who came to me to correct uncomfortable micro links that were put in to close to the scalp that were pulling at their hair. Application and After Care of extensions is very important.


Micro Links

  • Micro links are small silicone lined metal shells, into which I-Tip hair is placed then clammed down. I was trained in this method in 2002 so its not as new a technique as many claim. I have a lot of clients that do great with the links but they tend not to last as long as shrink links, and do best on hair with texture and clients who don't have an oily scalp. They also come with a warning regarding an MRI. You must consult with the facility preforming the MRI test. Sometimes the extensions can stay in but I have had more than a few clients that had to have them removed before this test could be done. If it's an emergency situation, they are going to remove them in away your not going to like.

Tape In's

        Tape in extensions are applied using two light weight tape wefts with medical grade adhesive tape on one side, one inch wide and sandwiched around a thin one inch section of your hair. Not as long lasting as or shrink links or fusion they need to be moved up every 4 to 8 weeks. 

Shrink Links

  • Shrink links are thin cinders that shrink around the I-tip hair. They are a form of fusion but offer a more durable and consist bond. Shrink links are small tubes in which pre tipped hair is inserted and then heated with a special iron to shrink the tube around the hair, this method uses only a small amount of keratin and the tube protects the bond from breaking down. They are very easy to remove and MRI safe. Hair can be re-used many times and most clients go 2-3 months before needing them moved up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  • Fusion can be used with pre tipped hair or bulk hair. A bond is formed using keratin and a special heating iron to fuse the extension hair to yours.At consultation I will help you decide which method is best for you.

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