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Caring for Extensions
  • Always put hair in a loose pony or braid before sleeping or exercise to avoid tangling.

  • Extensions need only be washed 2 to 3 times a week . You will find that with the extra hair it really only needs a little restyling in the morning. However if you have an oily scalp then washing more often is necessary.

  • Care should always be taken when brushing. Hold hair to scalp and starting from the ends gently work your way up. A special brush (Loop brush) is used for brushing at the scalp. Gently run your fingers through your scalp once a day to make sure you aren’t tangling or matting underneath.

  • Heat from flat irons and curling irons must never touch the bonds. Section the hair while styling with these so you can see what you’re doing. Round brush blow drying is not recommended because it pulls on the extensions and can cause breakage.

How Long Do Extensions Last?
  • Every client is different. A time frame will be given to you at consultation.

  • NO one should keep their extensions in longer than 3 months due to growth and the fact that hair sheds so the amount of hair holding the bond would be far less if you left them in for 6 months.

  • How well you care for your new hair and the condition of your hair will determine the length of time your extensions will last before needing to reinstall a new set.

  • A check up is recommended after a month so I can see how you’re doing.

Hair Extension Salon
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